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Serefaco Consultants Limited has over the years undertaken various tasks in the field of Information Technology (IT), and Information & Communications Technology (ICT). The increasing demand of these services from our Clients has necessitated us to set up an IT/ICT department to meet these needs. The primary goal of the IT/ICT department is to create a well groomed team of experts in IT/ICT to adequately provide robust, flexible, transparent and cost effective customized software and better the current ones on the market with the aim of being the leading IT/ICT Solutions and Services provider across the Continent. Our success will be realized through strategic partnerships, focus on intellectual property mainly in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, a diligent expert team, market research and integrity. Services include: Software Development Software Supply, Installation & Training Hardware Supply & Maintenance Website Design & Development Media Monitoring SMS Mobile Solutions Business outsourcing for Companies in different time zones