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Serefaco Consultants Limited


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Serefaco Consultants Limited provides solutions to managerial and technical issues in Agriculture and Rural development.

In today’s more integrated world economy, agricultural growth in Africa depends not only on raising productivity and increasing production, but also on increasing the competitiveness of African agriculture on the global market and expanding its market opportunities within Africa and beyond.

Agriculture constitutes the backbone of most African economies. An overwhelming majority of the continents poor rely on the sector for their livelihood. African agriculture is commonly characterized as being in crisis, but there are also successes. The greatest failure is that food production has not kept pace with population growth. SCL provides the strategic and managerial solutions to address these issues.

African agriculture has, with few exceptions, been in trouble for a long time. Countries that used to be self-sufficient in food production - and net exporters of agricultural produce - today depend on imports. This is principally a consequence of population increase outstripping agricultural productivity, partly because of changes in consumption patterns, partly due to nature’s curtailment, but mainly due to management issues.


Case Studies:

  • Livestock and Fisheries development
  • Breeding Improvement programmes
  • Veterinary Service
  • Livestock improvement and extension programmes
  • Disease survey and disease control programmes
  • Game management and ranching


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