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Serefaco acts as a trusted advisor to a wide range of clients across the world. Our comprehensive consultancy business supports clients in making investment decisions ...

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As consultants, we are committed to providing our clients with best practice advice on maximising the economic, environmental and social benefits ...

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Design & Innovation

We measure the successful design of our projects against their usefulness, clarity, longevity, aesthetic, quality, functionality and innovation ...

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One of the special modes of carrying out international business is turnkey. We agree to fully design, construct and equip a manufacturing, business, service facility ...

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Company Overview

Serefaco Consultants Limited (SCL) started as an engineering and consultancy division of its mother company Serefaco Limited in 1979. The division graduated into a fully fledged independent multi - disciplinary consulting firm in 1981. The initial market of focus was on the East and Central African region. SCL later focused its operations on the entire African continent.

Besides its operations on the African Continent, SCL aims at serving clients in all regions of the world. From SCL headquarters in Kampala, SCL work with over 100 multi-cultural professional consultants in a wide variety of fields. Besides, the permanent staff, SCL has many experts on retainer. Projects undertaken by the company are either initiated by governments, international donor agencies, international organizations or private sector operators.

SCL has built strong links with foreign professional consulting organizations and individuals. SCL joint technological expertise is combined with local and foreign expert knowledge to solve project challenges faced by our clients. These links enable our clients to minimize high cost consultancy time without compromising the objectives and quality of their projects.

Company organisation and operations

Serefaco Consultants Limited is guided by an Advisory Board (AB) of prominent experts drawn from different professional fields and cultures. Its day to day operations are headed by a Managing Director (MD) and an Executive Chairman that sits on the Advisory Board and also on the Management Executive Committee (MEC). Below the Managing Director there is the Technical Director General of Projects.

The MD is more responsible for the general administration of the firm and contracts. The core services provided by the company include:

The firm is well endowed with experts on permanent, retainer and temporary basis specialising in many areas which include but are not limited to:

  • Electrical power grid extension planning and design;
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments;
  • Resettlement action plans;
  • Hydropower planning and design;
  • Power line and substations planning studies;
  • Natural Resource Conservation;
  • Sectoral Studies;
  • Strategic Management Business Plans for both public and private organisations;
  • Socio-economical studies;
  • Urban Planning;
  • Business management audits for both corporate and public entities;
  • Institutional performance evaluations and strategic plans;
  • High quality human resource retention remuneration strategies and packages;
  • MIS packages for enhancement of Business Continuity Programmes/Plans;
  • National and Sectoral development programmes and strategies for efficient implementation;
  • Institutional and public organisations restructuring plans for efficient management;
  • Public Private Partnership crafting strategies for enhancement of efficient management and productivity;
  • Regulatory framework plans for efficient management of both public and private enterprises;
  • Electro-mechanical design;
  • Contract supervision;
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